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[BUYER] House Hunting 101 Online Masterclass | REPLAY

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What is the number one mistake first-time buyers make regularly?

Entering The Market ill-Equipped And With No Plan


We know.

You are nervous about the process.

The terminology is unfamiliar to you.

You don't know who to trust.

Yet, you're excited to start the journey.

You don't want to 'miss out on a good deal'.

You want to join family members and friends who are members of the Homebuying Club.


So, you jump in blindly.
Your nervousness keeps you from asking questions for fear of offending or bothering someone.
You let things slide.

Let's change this!


Our [Buyer] House Hunting 101 Masterclass REPLAY + Workbook, will help you to:

  • grasp key terminology
  • understand each of the stages of the homebuying process
  • ask the right questions to avoid post celebration surprises
  • create an action plan versus jumping in blindly


This online Masterclass is for you, first-time buyer, if you:

  • are nervous about the entire homebuying process
  • don't know where to start
  • are ready to move from renting to owning
  • are not sure that you know enough to start looking to buy a home

It's time to shift from being confused and unsure about what step to take to crafting a plan backed by knowledge and actions steps that reaps clarity, excitement again, sound decisions, and wealth!


You will leave the replay of this 50-minute Online Masterclass, with:

  • A reference and understanding of key terms
  • Top tips to avoid common first-time homebuyer mistakes
  • A detailed list of the 20 Stages Of House Hunting
  • Action steps you may take immediately
  • A renewed sense of hope, confidence, and excitement about your journey to owning your very first home!


20+ years of real estate knowledge and experience backs the professional advice given during this online class.   


Why should you enroll in House Hunting 101 Masterclass REPLAY with Platinum Realty?

  • Over 25 years of Real Estate, Financial Management, Business experience
  • Licenced Real Estate Broker
  • Property Managers, Professionally and Personally
  • Business Strategist
  • PR Strategist
  • Qualified Educator
  • Award-Winning real estate firm