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Are you in need of quick advice concerning a real estate matter?


If so, our Client Chat is for you!  It is crafted to give you immediate, professional feedback to help steer you in the right direction.  Get clarity on your next steps. 


During this consult:

  • we will discuss your specific matter
  • you will get professional feedback


Please note that these chats are not coaching or strategy sessions.  We encourage you to come prepared with your specific question(s) to maximize your 15-minute chat.


This 15-minute consult is perfect for:

  • landlords
  • renters
  • homeowners
  • buyers
  • sellers


Why should you book an Client Chat with Platinum Realty?

  • Over 25 years of Real Estate, Financial Management, Business experience
  • Licenced Real Estate Broker
  • Property Managers, Professionally and Personally
  • Business Strategist
  • PR Strategist
  • Qualified Educator
  • Award-Winning real estate firm

So, don't delay.

Book your Client Chat with Platinum Realty today!


NOTE: This telephone consult does not replace our coaching or strategy session services.  Available days/times will be sent upon booking.  An intake form may be requested of you at least 24-hours prior to scheduled consult.