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[RENTER] Flying The Coup Renter Quick Guide

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your First Apartment


Introducing our Flying The Coup Renter Quick Guide

This professional 10 page guide is designed to help people who are new to renting understand this process.

Headline:Renting for Dummies Description: This is a course designed to help people who are new to renting understand this process. I've taught this class in person and enjoyed every minute of it. I would love to be able to teach it online as well.


Are you:

• a recent college graduate with no credit and no rental history?

• an international student struggling to find your first apartment in a new country?

• a young adult looking to leave your family home and get your own place?


This Renter Quick Guide was built for you.


Learn the ins and outs of how to be successful in renting an apartment.


Perhaps, you are:

• tired of constantly being overlooked for apartments?

• finding yourself chasing landlords - flooding their inbox and WhatsApp with 'just touching base' messages and getting one-word replies or no reply?

• feeling frustrated with the entire apartment hunting process?


Our Guide will help you end offer rejection and position you as the tenant of choice.


The professional tips we share have helped over 95%* of our prospective renters land their perfect apartment in less than 3 days.

*(A record we have humbly maintained for the past 16+ years.)


Our Flying The Coup Renter Quick Guide is designed to equip young adult renters with the information, steps, and tips to secure the right apartment for them.



• create a lasting impression with your landlord
• build your confidence
• know what to do before, during, and after the viewing of a property


Platinum Realty has been helping people, just like you, find their first apartment for many years.


Our Flying The Coup Renter Quick Guide provides tips on how to enter the rental market and identify the key components of being selected by landlords and how to position yourself to be chosen.


This guide is great for:

• employed young adults
• first-time renters
• renters who are now re-entering the market for the first time in a long time



Download your copy of our Flying The Coup Renter Quick Guide today



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