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[SMALL BUSINESS] ClientBridge© - Module One

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Down payment sources for homebuyers over 40 can be tricky to come by. That's why this online class outlines three not so common down payment sources that working adults can use to gain funds to purchase real estate. The first source is selling stocks and other investments, the second is taking out a loan against a life insurance policy, and the third is borrowing from a 401k or IRA account. By knowing about all of these options, home

Welcome to our ClientBridge© - Module One* online (mini) class on business communication!

In this 30-minute session, we will be teaching you how to structure your communication plan for prospective clients before accepting them as new clients.

We'll be covering:

• data gathering techniques
• how to structure your initial correspondence plan
• four (4) response tactics
• what to have on hand when a prospective client contacts you
• how to automatically sift through prospects without communicating with them, personally
• & more


This mini class will be laser-focused on only a few specific topics to provide you with the right amount of detailed, specific information for you to take action immediately versus feeling overwhelmed with knowledge.


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Who This Online Mini Class Is For:*

• real estate-related contractors
• solopreneurs/entrepreneurs

• small business owners (SBOs)
• those just starting out in the small business industry
• veteran SBOs seeking structure for their business



Who This Online Mini Class Is NOT For:

• contractors who are not prepared to make changes to their business for the better
• professionals seeking quick success minus the work
• those who do not desire to provide quality work and service
• those who do not want to learn and apply what they've learned
• professionals who don't want to better their industry by bettering themselves, their business



Leave our ClientBridge© - Module One Online Mini Class with:

• your notes from a detailed presentation

• examples to help you know how to execute the tips provided

• scripts you may customize for your own voice and business

• over seven (7+) techniques that you can use in your own business, right away



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 *This mini course is designed for contractors associated with the real estate industry.  However, some of the content may be used by solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in other industries. Contact us to enquire before purchasing/enrolling - there are no refunds.



Why should you enroll in our ClientBridge© - Module One Online (Mini) Class by Platinum Realty?

  • Over 25 years of Real Estate, Financial Management, Business expertise & experience
  • Licenced Real Estate Broker
  • Property Managers, Professionally and Personally
  • Business Strategist
  • PR Strategist
  • Qualified Educator
  • Award-Winning real estate firm
  • Dedicated to Educating, Equipping, and Enriching our clients and customers